This case has been ongoing and now it begins…a transgender student is allowed to use the locker room. gender identity has been further blurred so that it’s more of how you feel than what sex you are anatomically. Of course all 1,200 students have to cater to this one student and teachers had to take classes to learn how to deal with this. Unreal!

PALATINE, Ill. — A transgender student will be allowed to use the woman’s locker room today at her District 211 high school in the northwest suburbs.

The Palatine-based District 211 has built stalls in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms of its high schools to ensure privacy for students changing clothes.

Today is the deadline agreed to by the district in an agreement with the student.

Neither the student nor the school has been named publicly.

A federal complaint was filed accusing the district of violating Title IX, the law banning discrimination in schools on the basis of gender. In November the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights agreed the district was in violation.

The case generated crowded and heated public meetings, with parents accusing the school board of violating the rights of all 12,000 students in the district in favor of one transgender student.

The district risked losing millions in federal funding if it didn’t reach an agreement.

School staff has undergone gender identity training and the district says councelors are available to consult with parents or students who have concerns.

Via: wgntv

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