The shocking news that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been on paid paternity leave for two months hit the news last week. It’s not that the unqualified Buttigieg would be helpful with the current supply crisis, but his timing couldn’t be worse.

Kamala Harris has been asleep at the wheel on the border crisis, and now we learn that Buttigieg hasn’t worked since mid-August. The Biden administration couldn’t be more inept if they tried. They supposedly spent months to finally come up with the lame solution for unloading ships. They would stay open all day and night to unload. That’s it? How about employing Moore dock workers and truckers?

Buttigieg is on paid ‘paternity’ leave because he and his partner Chasten adopted twins. Politico first reported that Buttigieg is “lying low” with his partner and the two babies:

They didn’t previously announce it, but Buttigieg’s office told West Wing Playbook that the secretary has actually been on paid leave since mid-August to spend time with his husband, Chasten, and their two newborn babies. 

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While shelves go empty for Americans, Pete is on paid leave. The Biden administration supports his absence during the supply crisis using the topic to promote their paid leave agenda:

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“Pete’s been a key member of the team since Day One and has been critical as we shepherd the President’s agenda across the finish line. We’re overjoyed for him and Chasten and believe every American should have access to paid family leave.”

It’s typical of the left to ignore the huge supply crisis but focus on leftist policies like paid family leave.


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