Thousands of pampered protesters who were bussed into Washington, D.C. last weekend, left a huge job for sanitation workers. You might say it was a redistribution of trash from all over the US to D.C. Protesters dropped their signs like a hot potato and threw used food cartons pretty much everywhere and anywhere. The photos below reveal just how careless and slovenly the protesters were during the march last Saturday. This wasn’t just a one-time occurrence of littering and destruction. This is the third time that the leftist activists have descended on D.C. to trash the city and leave…

The photos from the aftermath of the March for Our Lives event could be from the Women’s March or the Climate Change March. All three events left mounds of trash strewn all over the place with no regard for the citizens who live in the city.

How is it that leftists aren’t moved to feel responsible for their surroundings at events like this? Could it be that they depend on the government to clean up after them? You have to wonder about that.

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There was plenty of trash left behind after the March for Our Lives event…

Breitbart News reports:

At the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, the pussy-hat wearing protesters along the march route refused to pick up after themselves, leaving a trail of coffee cups along the march route.

The trend of protesters discarding their trash along protest routes is not limited to D.C. In 2014, 400,000 environmentally-conscious people marching for climate change in New York City littered the streets with their trash.


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