Treasure Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s wife is answering critics who shot her down for doing a little bragging on Instagram. Granted her Instagram post was a huge display of wealth but she has every right to speak out on what she’s wearing etc…She also snarked at a woman on Instagram who called her ‘deplorable’. Is it ‘deplorable’? You be the judge:

She listed the high end fashion items she was wearing. A woman claimed the taxpayers would be paying for this trip but the Mnuchins later stated that they would be reimbursing the feds for this trip to Kentucky.

She might be stirring the pot again with her latest magazine appearance on the cover of local society magazine ‘Washington Life.’ The ironic thing is she appears in the magazine apologizing but is wearing 2 different 10K gowns…LOL!

The Scottish-born wife of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, 54, is featured in a six-page spread inside the magazine’s September issue, where she gives her first stateside interview since moving to the capital back in January.

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That sit-down came just a few days after she was widely criticized for lashing out at a woman on Instagram, and Linton, 36, used the opportunity to apologize for her actions.

‘I deserved the criticism,’ said Linton, who was likened to Marie Antoinette and Cruela de Vil after her social media meltdown.
Her outburst came after Jennifer Miller, a working mother with three children, called Linton ‘deplorable’ in the comment section of an Instagram photo she posted of her and Mnuchin deboarding a government plane on August 21 following a trip to Kentucky.

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The couple will be reimbursing the feds for the flight to Kentucky…

Remember that President Trump said he wanted a rich person in positions such as Commerce and Treasury:

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