The “twitterverse” went wild this morning when First Lady Melania Trump stepped out of the White House to greet the Macrons. Our stunning FLOTUS was dressed in all white complete with a beautiful white hat. She was flawless in her impeccable Michael Kors (see below) suit and WHITE HAT! Yahoo news reported that this could start a trend in white hats. This look would be difficult for most women to carry off but Melania nailed it!

Most comments on twitter were favorable but the left immediately jumped in to criticize the hat. You knew it was coming. The left just can’t say one nice thing about our beautiful, stylish and graceful First Lady. Wow!

Our favorite remark gave her glowing and positive feedback:

The arrival of the French President and First Lady of France:

Watch how Melania expertly greets the Macrons without a hitch!

The beautiful white suit and hat are both from American designer Michael Kors:

Michael Kors is a legend in fashion and is known for his understated but chic ladylike designs.

The responses to Kate Bennett’s acknowledgement of the designer of the white suit and hat are off the charts nasty. One tweet even referred to Melania’s outfit as similar to an evil doer from the move Poltergeist. Many comments said that the all white and hat were “too much”.

Yahoo News reports this could spark a trend in white hats:

Melania Trump‘s no stranger to turning heads with her fashion-forward style, but her latest look isn’t necessarily a universal hit.

The first lady wore an all-white ensemble as she joined President Trump in hosting French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron, for a White House state visit Tuesday morning.

The French first lady opted for a classic sheath with a matching jacket. First Lady Melania Trump  wore a blazer and skirt ensemble.

All eyes were on her dramatic choice of headgear, however: an oversized white hat with a wide, flat brim, also by Michael Kors.

Social media was quick to react to the look, with some praising it as “classy” and others poking fun. Some suggested that the hat should have its own Twitter account.

Trump could inspire a style trend.

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