Fox News’ Martha MacCallum spoke with Trey Gowdy about calls from Democrats for Attorney General Bill Barr to resign.

The former House Oversight Committee Chairman called out the Democrats for their phony outrage at AG Barr for disagreeing with the DOJ prosecutors who recommended 9 years in prison for Roger Stone.

“The notion that Bill Bar should resign is about the dumbest damn thing I’ve ever heard.”

Gowdy said two or three years is about right instead of nine years.

The discussion turned to whether President Trump should have weighed in on the recommendation by the DOJ. Gowdy made a great point that the leftist media isn’t making. He said that AG Barr knew about the decision to give Stone nine years long before Trump tweeted.

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How about a pardon for Roger Stone? If Clapper, Brennan and Comey get no punishment for lying, Stone should get the same thing.

Democrats like Drama Queen Blumenthal called for the AG to resign. He called AG Barr Trump’s “henchmen.”

Shouldn’t Blumenthal get 3 years for lying about his military service? His fake outrage is sickening.

President Trump is right about this injustice and spoke out to commend Barr for doing the right thing:


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