With the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse well underway, things have not looked particularly good for the prosecution.  With Rittenhouse looking more and more likely to exonerated by the day, the liberal media, who has spent the last year declaring his guilt and sensationalizing the case, are already looking for excuses.  One excuse that has been thrown around in the media and in activist circles on Twitter is that the judge presiding over the case, Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder, is biased in favor of Rittenhouse.

Liberal media outlets have speculated about Schroeder’s political beliefs after his ringtone went off during the Rittenhouse case and it was revealed to be Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American”/”God Bless the USA”.  To most people, being proud of your country is a normal value that should be held by both sides of the aisle, but to the liberal media, this led to rampant speculation that he was a Trump supporter, as the Ex-President used it as his ringtone at rallies.  “Judge Schroeder’s phone rings in the middle of the Rittenhouse trial, and it just happens to be the theme song from the Trump rallies when he walks on stage. Go figure” wrote Ron Filipkowski, an attorney and legal analyst.  Hollywood screenwriter Randi Singer went further, writing “At this point I’m shocked his robe isn’t a white hood.”

The prosecution rested its case in the Rittenhouse case yesterday, after calling up witnesses that seemed to prove Rittenhouses innocence more than his guilt.  The prosecution called Gaige Grosskreutz, a Kenosha rioter who was shot by Rittenhouse, to the stand.  Grosskreutz was forced to admit in his testimony that he was only shot after he aimed his gun at Rittenhouse.  One of the prosecutions key witnesses ended up being a witness for the defense after he testified that Kenosha prosecutors tried to coerce him in to changing his testimony.


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