Former Fox News host Trish Regan is now hosting her own “Trish Regan Show” on social media. Tonight, she responded to a portion of Joe Biden’s address to the joint session of Congress where he talked about raising taxes on Americans.

Regan asks her viewers, “Don’t you love when Joe Biden talks about how everybody needs to pay their fair share?”

“This is a constant theme, right—amongst the politicians on the Left that somehow, they think that people who have actually worked hard and earned their money need to go back to the government so they can spend their money however they see fit. This is Socialism!” an animated Trish Regan asks.

Regan blasted Joe Biden for bloviating about how he believes everyone should pay their “fair share” while promising to crack down on tax evaders. “Maybe the IRS should start with Joe and Jill Biden first Reagan said as she explained how Joe and Jill evaded taxes, saving themselves over $500,000.

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“Why is it okay for Biden to say everyone should pay taxes when he—HIMSELF—is paying accountants big bucks to siphon off money from Uncle Sam??” Regan asks.

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