Daily Wire’s two top contributors, Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro have been engaged in a viral spat in recent weeks due to diverging opinions on the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Owens has taken a more restrained stance on the conflict, questioning the nature of the United States’ involvement while Shapiro has been unapologetically pro-Israel.

Their disagreements came to a headway when Shapiro publicly criticized Owens during a speech earlier this week, calling Owens’ statements on the conflict ‘disgraceful.’

On Wednesday, Owens sat down for an interview with Tucker Carlson to discuss her recent disagreements with Shapiro.

“The internet was dominated yesterday by video of Ben Shapiro,” Carlson said, “who you work with at the Daily Wire, I think it’s fair to say attacking you”

Carlson went on to say that to “call somebody ‘absolutely disgraceful,’ particularly a co-worker seems like a pretty big step,” and asked Owens, “What is that about?”

“You know, there isn’t much of a background I saw the video when everybody else saw it when I woke up,” responded Owens, who went on to say that she would refuse to respond to Shaprio’s statements “because it’s just ad hominem attacks.”

Owens said if she “was caught on a video saying that about colleagues that I work with, I would be embarrassed,” and added that “the video speaks more to Ben’s character that it speaks to mine.”

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