If you think you still have freedom of speech…think again. The effort to be politically correct has been a key factor in eliminating freedom. We can thank all of the perpetually offended groups who’re constantly looking for something to be offended by…and that would be the Muslim community. In case you’ve been living in a cave, the Muslim population has EXPLODED  in Minnesota. The people have been swamped with mostly Somali Muslims who’ve pretty much taken over some towns. So now the demands are coming because these people do not assimilate but expect YOU to change to their culture:


We’re moving towards where Europe is now and that means criminalizing free speech. Speak up, show up to fight against the effort to quiet us!

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says personalized license plates that say FMUSLMS should never have been issued and that DPS agents will be revoking the plates immediately. Fox 9 confirmed the plates were ordered by a man from Foley, Minn., who purchased his truck from a Big Lake, Minn. resident.


A Snapchat photo of the license plate was shared over the weekend.


“This personalized license plate should never have been issued; it is offensive and distasteful,” DPS said in a statement. “We are in the process of revoking and taking possession of the plates today. The Department of Public Safety apologizes for this error. The Driver and Vehicle Services Division is reviewing its process for approving personalized license plates today and will immediately provide additional review and oversight of applications.”

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