American Citizens who’ve been frustrated by the lack of action by law enforcement agencies after legitimate evidence of voter fraud has been publicly revealed in various forms, including footage from the “2000 Mules” movie, can finally take comfort in knowing that behind the scenes, a new group has formed that will work together to hold lawbreakers tied to election fraud accountable…

True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and AZ Sheriff Mark Lamb of Protect America, “an organization dedicated to supporting sheriffs around the country to serve and protect our citizens,” have joined forces to form, a national effort to educate citizens, equip sheriffs and protect our elections.”

“You know, Sheriff Lamb, so many voters are just confused about the ever-change election rules, and they’re downright angry about when those systems break down,” Engelbrecht says.

Sheriff Lamb and sheriffs from across the country plan to educate and engage voters. “And if necessary, sheriffs can and will investigate if laws are being broken,” he explains in the video.

“Our vote is a sacred privilege—it’s our opportunity to voice our opinion to our government!” Sheriff Lamb exclaims.

“Look, folks, this is not complicated. These voting laws should be followed—and if they’re not, there should be consequences. This is not about Republican or Democrat—this is an issue of the rule of law.” -Sheriff Mark Lamb.

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Near the end of their announcement, Engelbrecht asks for viewers to visit as a way to “connect with your local sheriff” and “contribute” to their efforts.  According to Engelbrecht, donations made to will be used to give sheriffs departments the resources they need to effectively investigate and punish individuals and groups involved in efforts to corrupt our elections.

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