For decades, Democrats have accused Republicans of not caring about the environment. California is a state-run almost exclusively by Democrats. California’s far-left Democrat governor, Gavin Newsom, and the Democrat Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti have openly declared war on climate change, and have committed to making it a top priority. Meanwhile, a return of medieval diseases like typhus and typhoid fever are plaguing rat and rodent-infested homeless camps that are covered in trash and human feces in California’s major cities.

While far-left Democrat lawmakers choose to ignore the environmental crisis caused by their liberal policies, Trump supporter Scott Presler organized a volunteer cleaning crew who removed over 50 tons of trash from a homeless camp in Los Angeles last weekend.

Here’s the “before and after” video of the homeless camp in Los Angeles.

Scott Presler announced their accomplishment on Twitter. Although it wasn’t meant to be an admonishment, Presler’s tweet, that explained how it only took them 9 hours for his crew of volunteers to remove 50 tons of trash, was a slap in the face to Democrat lawmakers who’ve allowed their streets to become cesspools of garbage and diseases, while refusing to take any concrete action to address the environmental crisis.

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Now, President Trump has put California on notice over their horrible air quality, and by doing so, is shining a light on yet another environmental problem that plagues America’s most liberal state.

The Washington Free Beacon reports – The Trump administration has warned the state of California that it will face consequences if it fails to submit plans addressing what the Environmental Protection Agency called the “worst air quality” of any state in the country, according to a Monday letter from the agency.

“California has failed to carry out its most basic responsibilities under the Clean Air Act, and as a result, millions of Californians live in areas that do not meet our nation’s air quality standards,” he said in a statement on the letter. “EPA stands ready to work with California to meet the Trump administration’s goal of clean, healthy air for all Americans, and we hope the state will work with us in good faith.”

The letter gives California until Oct. 10 to notify the EPA whether it plans to withdraw and resubmit the SIPs. The federal government could impose its own plan on California if it fails to get new SIPs approved. Wheeler expressed hope that California will work with the Trump administration to address its failures.

The letter from EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler states that 34 million people in California are living in areas that don’t meet federal air quality standards, a number twice as large as any other state in the country. It further states the plans California has submitted to the EPA, known as State Implementation Plans (SIPs), to address areas with inadequate air quality “have fundamental issues related to approvability” and must be resubmitted.

The letter informs California that if it fails to submit new plans to increase air quality, the state would be ineligible to receive billions of dollars, it is otherwise projected to get from the Federal Highway Administration.

“We certainly want to avoid these statutory triggers, but our foremost concern must be ensuring clean air for all Americans,” Wheeler says in the letter. “That is our goal.”

Conservative Review reports – Unfortunately for Californians, their elected officials are worried about global issues such as climate change instead of basic sanitation and public health.

California is taking the lead on addressing climate change. The state has a cap-and-trade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and a goal of generating 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2045.

Garcetti has Los Angeles joining the Green New Deal parade. The mayor’s plan targets transportation with a goal of having 80 percent of cars powered by electricity or zero-emission technology and to have city residents drive fewer miles each year.

Meanwhile, disease-carrying rats are running the streets and infesting city buildings.

Los Angeles should serve as a warning sign to Americans that twisted Democrat priorities can deliver third-world results.


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