Rudy Giuliani has canceled his appearance before the January 6th witch hunt panel due to their refusal to allow the proceedings to be recorded

Rudy Giuliani was scheduled to stand before Friday’s sham January 6th Panel. However, he canceled his appearance at the last minute Thursday evening due to the denial by the committee of his request to allow for the proceedings to be recorded.

Subpoenaed in January, the witch hunt panel considers Giuliani to be “an important witness  to the conspiracy to overthrow the government.” Their determination to take down anyone propagating the truth about the stolen election results in them considering using contempt charges to force Giuliani before the panel.

Four other Trump allies and former Trump allies have been held in contempt to force them to comply as well–Steve Bannon, a former adviser to President Trump; Mark Meadows, former White House Chief of Staff; Peter Navarro, a former trade adviser; and even Trump’s social media manager Dan Scavino.

Giuliani was wise to demand a recording of the proceedings, so that they could not twist his words and lie about what he said. However, their refusal of the request makes one wonder if twisting his words is precisely what they had planned. They have already proven that they will do everything in their power to take down President Trump and his proponents by any means necessary, and with people like Liz Cheney at the wheel, blatant lying is hardly a far-off possibility.

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They will never forgive you for speaking the truth about the election and undermining their grasp on power.

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