In their first-ever debate, President Trump slammed Sleepy Joe Biden for allowing the left to take his campaign down a dangerous path of Socialism and unchecked violence and chaos, while he hides away in his basement.

When it came to the subject of supporting the radical left’s efforts to defund the police, Joe Biden bristled and attempted to claim he’s got the support of law enforcement behind his campaign. President Trump paused and looked at Joe, and asked him to name one group of law enforcement officers who support him. “Name one group that came out and supports you,” Trump said. Biden looked down at his podium, struggling to think of a single name. “Go ahead,” Trump told Biden, Think—We have time,” Trump told him.

Debate host Chris Wallace, who noticed that Joe Biden was struggling, jumped in to keep him from being totally humiliated.

Was Trump correct about the massive support for him by the law enforcement community versus the non-existent support of law enforcement for Biden?

On September 5, Tim Murtaugh, President Trump’s communications director, tweeted a Fox News article revealing the incredible support for President Trump’s re-election by members of the law enforcement community.

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Murtaugh tweeted about how Trump has been endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police and police organizations that total over 900K law enforcement officers. He also pointed out that the Biden campaign’s “list of 175 mostly non-cop “endorsers” that includes the “Portland DA who won’t charge rioters and the Seattle mayor who surrendered her city.”

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Axios reported that the Biden campaign put a statement claiming 190 law enforcement officials have endorsed Joe Biden’s campaign:

Over 190 law enforcement officials on Friday endorsed Joe Biden for president, per a campaign statement.

Axios and the Biden campaign are unable to name one law enforcement group that’s endorsed Biden to back up their claim, instead, they use one quote from one retired police chief to back up their claim:

“Joe Biden has always stood on the right side of the law and is offering a much needed vision for our Nation. When asked the question, would you feel safe in Joe Biden’s America?  The answer is yes,” said Tom Manger, Retired Chief and former President of the Major Cities Chiefs Association.


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