During his radio broadcast today, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow told his audience that they are hearing the FISA abuse which gave Obama’s FBI the ability to spy on the Trump campaign went much deeper than originally thought.

GP– News of the FISA memo spread like wildfire on social media after GOP Reps came forward demanding the document be released to the American public.

Investigative reporter Sara Carter said the FISA memo is so explosive it could end the Mueller investigation.

Attorney Jay Sekulow said the FISA abuse is way worse than we all think.

“The 4-page memo detailing facts about the FBI’s use of FISA warrants to surveil members of the Trump campaign in 2016. I will tell you this and may even be deeper than that is what we are hearing. So it may be further than that,” Sekulow said.

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Sekulow told his listeners that the reports of what he is hearing about the FISA memo is “unbelievably breathtaking” and could put current high-level members of the FBI and DOJ at risk of prosecution or at least of losing their jobs.



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