There are many important factors for success when a candidate runs for office, but President Trump has once again proven that his endorsement is the most important factor for Republican candidates.

Trump currently holds a 73-3 record for his primary endorsements in the 2022 election cycle, a 96% success rate.  In important elections like the Ohio Senate primary, Trump’s last-minute endorsement propelled J.D Vance to victory after frequently polling in third place in a crowded field.

Voters in the key swing state of Nevada will cast their ballots in three weeks for the primary elections.  President Trump’s endorsement of Gubernatorial candidate and Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo has already made a significant impact.

Breitbart Reports


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“Joe Lombardo has taken a giant lead in Nevada’s Republican gubernatorial primary less than one month after receiving an endorsement from former President Donald Trump.

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Lombardo has 35 percent support among likely GOP voters, according to a recent poll conducted by the Nevada Independent. The next closest candidate is Joey Gilbert, who polled at 15 percent. Dean Heller received 11 percent, and John Lee came in fourth place with nine percent. The remaining 11 candidates received no more than three percent support.

Lombardo, who is serving his second term as Clark County sheriff, received Trump’s endorsement in late April.

Trump lauded Lombardo’s military service and added that he would “fiercely Protect our under-siege Second Amendment, Oppose Sanctuary Cities, Support our Law Enforcement, Veto any Liberal Tax Increase, Protect Life, and Secure our Elections.”

The poll further cemented President Trump’s influence by asking if Republican primary voters were supporters of the Republican Party first or supporters of President Trump first.  43 percent said that supported President Trump above the Republican Party, while 42 percent said they supported the Republican Party first.

“A Trump endorsement is currently the most impactful endorsement a Republican candidate can receive in a primary election right now.” Said Mike Noble, the pollster’s chief of research.

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