WASHINGTON D.C. – Yesterday eight people were killed in a mass shooting in Atlanta, six of the victims being women who were of Asian descent. In a press conference held a few hours ago, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki attributed these murders to the rhetoric of President Trump and its elevation of the threat to Asian-Americans.

Psaki blamed Trump’s labeling of Coronavirus as the “Wuhan virus” for elevated threats against Asian-Americans. While already wrong in blaming Trump’s rhetoric for a mass shooting in the first place, Psaki has blamed him for a horrible event that, as far as we know, had nothing to do with racial prejudice.

The alleged gunman claims his attacks were NOT racially motivated, but rather a “sexual addiction” that led him to carry out these shootings in order to extinguish his temptations. He had often visited the massage parlors where the shootings took place, according to the County Sheriff Frank Reynolds.

Atlanta’s Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, said, “Whatever the motivation was for this guy, we know that the majority of the victims were Asian… We also know that this is an issue that is happening across the country”. However, the ‘majority of victims being Asian (the other two were white) in no way proves a racially motivated act. Thus, the pinning of this tragedy on President Trump is unfounded and futile.

It seems that the Left will continue to blame Trump for today’s problems, however disconnected they may be. Responsibility continues to be placed on Trump for publically speaking about the COVID-19 virus that originated from China, but how can the rise in violence against Asian-Americans be attributed to him? People make their own decisions and the President cannot be held responsible for holding true to the facts and making sure the American people are well-informed.

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