President Trump met with reporters today discussing priorities for bringing back America after the coronavirus crisis.

He said the states are opening up and the number of coronavirus patients is going down.

The media wanted to focus on the latest news that he’s taking hydroxychloroquine.

President Trump had a great comeback to the media: “This is an individual decision to make.”

The media pivoted to the FISA issue and the “dirty cops” who abused it.

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He pivoted to say that this should never happen again to anyone.

President Trump finally turned to Nancy Pelosi: “Pelosi is a sick woman.”

Nancy Pelosi and President Trump couldn’t be more opposite when it comes to policy. President Trump is the fighter America needs to push back on her agenda.

The Democrats want a neverending stream of money and funds for all of their pet projects included in a stimulus bill. Here’s an idea, open the economy back up.

So Americans can go to Home Depot or Costco but can’t stand in line to vote? Who thinks Democrats are trying to pull a fast one in the next election?

Listen to Nancy Pelosi talk about how she’ll have funds for vote-by-mail:

Republicans doubled the money they’re putting into fighting vote-by-mail lawsuits. They are fighting against ballot harvesting increasing the possibility of voter fraud


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