Tonight, President Trump is hosting a huge Save America rally in Casper, Wyoming, in support of Harriet Hageman, the GOP candidate who’s running for Congress against RINO and never-Trump Rep. Liz Cheney. The latest poll in the congressional race reveals a likely upset with Hageman up by 30% at 56%, with Cheney at 26%.

While speaking to the crowd, Trump blasted Cheney, saying that “Wyoming deserves a Congresswoman who works for you and not one that spends all her time going after your president.”

“Liz Cheney hates the voters of the Republican Party, and she has for a very long time,” President Trump told the large audience.

He continued to rail against her and her former VP dad Dick Cheney, “…And loving non-sensical bloody horrible wars that never end—they just never end!”

“The Cheneys are die-hard globalists and warmongers who have been plunging us into new conflicts for decades.” spilling American blood and spending American treasure all over the world!’

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