A lone Republican has indicated he’ll block the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill in a move that has the Dow dropping like a rock. Rep. Thomas Massey is indicating he wants a quorum vote forcing Congress to convene instead of having a voice vote (see below):

According to Fox News, the method of voting by a “voice vote” can be shut down by a “point of order” from a member who could argue a lack of quorum, meaning less than half of the House’s total members are present in the chamber. At that point, it would need at least 216 total members present to hold a recorded vote.

Massie told radio station 55KRC Thursday that he would vote “no” on the bill.

Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky was called a “third rate grandstander” in a tweet from President Trump:

Looks like a third rate Grandstander named @RepThomasMassie, a Congressman from, unfortunately, a truly GREAT State, Kentucky, wants to vote against the new Save Our Workers Bill in Congress.

He just wants the publicity. He can’t stop it, only delay, which is both dangerous & costly.

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Workers & small businesses need money now in order to survive. Virus wasn’t their fault.

It is “HELL” dealing with the Dems, had to give up some stupid things in order to get the “big picture” done. 90% GREAT! WIN BACK HOUSE, but throw Massie out of Republican Party!

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Rep. Massey isn’t making any friends with this move. Even his local news is blasting him for calling for Reps. to come back to D.C. to vote.

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