Republicans got a call to action from President Trump this morning before the House vote on impeachment:

It’s a quote from great conservative Laura Ingraham:

“Now is the time for Republicans to stand together and defend the leader of their party against these smears. It would be one thing if there were any indication of an underlying crime, but there is not-not in the transcripts, and not in the secret witness testimony that the Dems have selectively leaked. Nor was there any corrupt intent on the part of the President.

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Remember, the President knew that that call was being heard and documented by many people. Anyone with intent would be a tad more discreet, don’t you think?

This farce should …never be allowed to roll into a winter show trial.

Indeed, allowing a long, drawn-out trial in the Senate would merely validate and perpetuate the fraud begun in the House.

The crisis is of the Democrats own making, and it’s up to Republicans to make sure this never happens to any President, of either party, again. ~ Laura Ingraham

President Trump also tweeted out “READ THE TRANSCRIPT!”


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