President Trump made a statement today about why he didn’t tell Adam Schiff about the raid on ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi. He told the media that Adam Schiff is a known leaker and is, in fact, “the biggest leaker in Washington.”

Chances are that President Trump was advised not to tell Schiff or other known leakers because of past times in which a leak had caused the failure of the capture of Al-Baghdadi. Catherine Herridge spoke with General Tony Thomas in the video below in 2017 about one such time when the plan was botched because of a leak.

President Trump came out and called Schiff a “leaker”. This is just one more reason why President Trump is so loved. He’s honest!

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General Tony Thomas explains in a video from 2017 how a leak to the New York Times caused the failure to kill Al-Baghdadi:

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Nick Short posted the article below with the story about the failure to capture Al-Baghdadi that General Thomas is speaking about.

Leaks ARE dangerous to our national security. President Trump did the right thing!

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