A new campaign ad for President Trump’s reelection has been released and it focuses on impeachment.

Several Trump supporters are shown throughout the ad calling the impeachment “bull” and a “scam”.

This is a great ad because it reflects what Americans are feeling about the entire sham process going on against President Trump.

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Recently, CNN traveled to North Carolina and asked voters about impeachment:

CNN’s Martin Savage decided to ask North Carolina voters what they think of the attempt to impeach President Trump.

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Well, it didn’t turn out as they’d hoped.

The overwhelming consensus of Americans are against it (except for “Dumb” Dennis), and Americans are angry about it. Ultimately, the people believe this should be decided at the ballot box. Rush Limbaugh pointed out that the CNN reporters got to the heart of what D.C. should listen to but won’t. He says, “They just can’t help themselves.” So true!

Check out these awesome Americans who say this is wrong:

Transcript from Rush Limbaugh:

SAVIDGE: We’ve come to measure voter appetite for impeachment.

JIM UZZLE: I think it’s a waste of the taxpayer’s money.

SAVIDGE: You don’t really follow the whole impeachment thing?

MALE VOTER #2: No, I don’t really know much about it at all.

SAVIDGE: In this state that went for Trump by less than four points, Jim Uzzle is angry at Congress for even considering impeachment.

JIM UZZLE: I don’t think he’s broken the law and I wish they would vote on trying to make things right in America versus wasting their time and money, our money, on a lost cause.

SAVIDGE: Most of the Trump supporters we talked to were unmoved by days of explosive testimony and revelations against the president. Do you think that it changes the minds of Trump supporters?

JEFF MASON: I do not. I think the ones of us that support him will continue to support him. If you look at the economy there’s no way to deny that we’re doing pretty amazing.

SAVIDGE: Sheri Price hasn’t changed her mind.

SHERI PRICE: He don’t need to be taken out. He’s the only one who’s gonna tell the truth and he can’t be bought.

SAVIDGE: Rich Blewitt reflects a new and growing criticism of the impeachment inquiry by Trump backers. A perceived lack of openness.

RICH BLEWIT: I just don’t like the secrecy. It just sounds wrong the way they’re going about it, that’s all.

Donald Trump Jr. spoke out about the fact that Americans know they are being duped by the Dems:

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