Trump campaign attorney Lin Wood just called out the Communist Chinese for interfering with our election using the Dominion voting system. The Gateway Pundit has reported about the Dominion voting system and how it is open for voter fraud. NBC also reported, after investigating Dominion, that it is possible to hack into the voting system.

This is huge and comes after President Trump tweeted out a  message last night regarding Dominion voting systems:

Wood posted a series of tweets that are bombshells claiming China is behind the fraud in the election:

Lin Wood warns that the Chinese attacked America with COVID and Dominion:

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-The American Dream will NEVER be destroyed by the Chinese Communist Party.

-Our country is at war with Communist China. They attacked us with COVID & DOMINION.
-Stay strong, Patriots. Help is on the way. Communist China will never take our freedoms for us.

Wood claims China has infiltrated America:

-Wake up America. Face TRUTH.

Over last 2 decades, Communist China has infiltrated the United States.

Many local, state & national government officials & politicians have been corrupted by Chinese money &/or are subjects of extortion by China. Others simply believe in Communism.

-Fundamental rule of war is to identify enemy.

Our country is at war with Communist China. A war of good v. evil.

China attacked us with Covid – a biological weapon.

Covid was excuse to control our lifestyles.

Dominion was Communist voting system used to control our election.

In 2016, Democrats claimed Russia materially interfered with our election. Their claim was investigated & found to be a LIE.

In 2020, Communist China materially interfered with our election. When investigated, that statement will be found to be the TRUTH.

Lin Wood is the lawyer who successfully helped Nicholas Sandmann sue CNN and The Washington Post. He’s a trusted lawyer who is a bulldog in the courtroom. President Trump is in good hands with Mr. Wood.

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