Anyone who has been paying attention the past few years will agree with the Trump campaign’s claim of what their biggest obstacle to a win in 2020 will be.

It’s not a Democrat…It’s not old Uncle Joe Biden.


The media isn’t even hiding their bias against President Trump. Talking heads are editorializing 24/7 to try and come up with something, anything they can say against President Trump. It’s become en vogue for a leftist to trash our president on-air. The competition for who can get the most outrageous putdown of President Trump has become blood sport because that means the clip will be played over and over on social media a la Jim Acosta. Whispers have become talking points no matter if they’re true or not.

Let’s face it…The leftist media has become the echo chamber for the Democrats. They have resorted to spewing the same key words every day, just like the Democrats. A perfect example of the media parroting one word is below:

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Brent Bozell tweeted: It’s as if they meet every morning to figure out their daily talking points to screw President Trump. First, it was “corruption.” Then it was “impeachment.” Here’s today’s word they’re ALL using DELIBERATELY. “Journalism,”? What hypocrites. They’re nothing but leftwing Democrats!

The Daily Caller visited the Trump campaign headquarters in Northern Virginia and reported that Tim Murtaugh, the Trump Campaign’s director of communications, Erin Perrine, the deputy communications director, and Kayleigh McEnany, the national press secretary, all said they routinely feel frustrated when dealing with the media.

“People always ask, ‘what’s your biggest challenge, what’s your biggest obstacle?’” Murtaugh said. “And Kayleigh always says, ‘the media.’ The media is our biggest challenge.”

“It is very frustrating,” he said, referring to at least one outlet as outright “adversarial.”

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This is exactly why the ‘new media’ on social media is needed more than ever. Why else would social media giants suppress the audience and attack conservative websites like they’ve been doing?

President Trump would be smart to come down on censorship by the social media giants ASAP.

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