Is this another case of Trump Derangement Syndrome? A man was caught on exclusive video vandalizing NYFD ambulances with hate symbols. He was caught on video drawing two hateful swastika symbols and writing “NAZI pigs” on the side of an ambulance. Authorities are now trying to identify the man who is responsible for doing this on at least four ambulances, as per reports.

Some outspoken residents of the neighborhood are disgusted that someone would treat the members of the fire department this way.

This leaves us to wonder who would do such a thing to an ambulance. For one, the people who drive and work on the ambulance save lives, not take them. It doesn’t make much sense to suggest that an ambulance driver or first responder is a “NAZI pig” nor does it make much sense to vandalize the ambulances with hate symbols like the swastika. Secondly, the term “pigs” is often referred to when people talk about police officers, not those who work in an ambulance – so once again, this vandalism makes no sense whatsoever. It’s completely confusing. It’s like saying “darn those first responders saving all those lives! How dare they rush around in traffic and try to save people when they need help the most!?” You would think someone who might one day need an ambulance or the fire department would be a little bit nicer to them.

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This makes you wonder a little bit.

Who else goes around calling people a Nazi? That would be leftists, right? Think about the protests and the #Resist movement and the Antifa crowd and one thing they usually all do is call people Nazis. What else do they often do? They often destroy property or vandalize things. This leads us to one unofficial conclusion – that this man caught in the video might be an angry liberal who is suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. Do not confuse my opinion with facts. The facts are that the man was caught on video doing this. The opinion is that I believe he’s a liberal suffering from a bad case of TDS and he’s confused about other things in life. Always remember that opinions and facts are different. Of course, we shouldn’t have to remind people of this – but today’s society needs reminders about a lot of things…like their gender. But that’s another story for another day.

Here is the video of the man defacing an ambulance in New York.

The local CBS news in New York posted the following:

“CBS2 has obtained exclusive video shows the suspect in action, allegedly drawing swastikas on the vehicles, Marc Liverman reported Sunday night.

Police said the man who is responsible for writing the hateful messages was caught right in the act. The video shows the suspect walking up and drawing a swastika. But he doesn’t stop there. Next to it he writes “NAZI pigs” before drawing another swastika and walking away.

The Fire Department said the man defaced four ambulances in total.

“That’s awful, to be honest. People shouldn’t be writing that,” Washington Heights resident Diana Tapia said. “It’s messed up. It really is.”

All of the ambulances were vandalized just after 7 a.m. on Sunday near Amsterdam Avenue and West 172nd Street in Washington Heights. Police are investigating the act as a hate crime.

“That’s not a way to bring the communications, to bring a message. That’s not a way,” Bronx resident Euris Soto said.

“I think that’s really absurd,” added Washington Heights resident Los Pagen.

More surveillance video shows investigators gathered near the ambulance. Eventually, a man can be seen walking up and wiping the offensive message and symbol away.

On Sunday, the FDNY tweeted about the hateful act, asking the public for help identifying the man seen on the video. He has what appears to be a dark beard and is wearing a white baseball cap. Now, the FDNY and a community are just hopeful the suspect gets caught.

“I just hope he gets found. You don’t know what he could have done and what he could be thinking of doing,” Pagen said.

The suspect was last seen heading north on Amsterdam Avenue, police said.”

Someone better find this guy before he draws a fire hydrant on a police car.

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