The popular, outspoken, Trump-endorsed PA Senator Doug Mastriano has won his bid to become the GOP’s gubernatorial candidate in the November 2024 election.

Mastriano is very popular with conservatives across America.

Republican PA State Senator Doug Mastriano

He became a national figure in the fight to uncover election fraud after his state like so many other critical swing states in America watched their elections being shut down in the middle of the night and had multiple reported cases of voter fraud, GOP poll watcher intimidation and voter irregularities. In addition to fighting for free and fair elections in his state.

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Only hours after Mastriano led a hearing in Pennsylvania to address potential massive voter fraud in his state he was suspended from Twitter.

His personal account was suspended but he still has access to his Senate account. He slammed Twitter for their censorship tactics from his State Senate account:

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Senator Doug Mastriano was also very vocal about stopping the mandates and shutdowns in his state.

Former Fox News host Lou Dobbs mocked CNN for their “hair on fire” reaction to Mastriano’s win tonight.

Here’s an incredible compilation of the dishonest mainstream media headlines showing how in bed they are with the Democratic Party. In every single case, they accuse him of being too extreme, making false allegations of voter fraud or far-right.

Mastriano will run against PA AG Josh Shapiro in the November 2022 general election.


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