It’s not just Trump who’s exposing the truth about the hundreds of thousands of muslims being sent to our country where they have no intention of assimilating. Expert Ann Corcoran tells us the truth about why our State Dept. is bringing mostly muslims over here in video below. 

Over the past several years Syrian Christians have been desperately trying to smuggle themselves out of Syria as ISIS tells them to convert or die.

The Obama White House sa far has ignored their desperate plight.

It is also widely known that Barack Obama has been absent as thousands of Iraqi and Syria minority populations have been persecuted and slaughtered by ISIS.

Today in Las Vegas Donald Trump attacked the Obama administration’s policies that have allowed thousands of Syrian Muslims in the country while Christians from Syria suffer.

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If you’re worried Donald may not have his facts straight on this issue, listen to our friend and expert on the US State Department’s Refugee Resettlement Program, Ann Corcoran explain how it works. You will be SHOCKED:

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