Donald J. Trump is quite tall for a United States President. At 6 feet 3 inches, he’s one of the tallest Presidents of the United States after the 6 foot 4″ tall Abraham Lincoln, and 6 foot 2″ tall Bill Clinton and Thomas Jefferson. In a video taken on Friday of President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump leaving the White House with their son, Barron, it appears as though the 13-year-old may have a couple of inches on his dad.

While Democrats schemed and plotted against him, The Trump family looked unaffected by their impeachment sham, as they were all smiles walking together toward  Marine One. Melania and Donald Trump smiled and waved for the cameras. In a rare move, even the usually shy Barron could be seen engaging with the photographers as he smiled and waved.

As President Trump and Barron waited for Melania to board the helicopter first, Donald Trump reached over, and in a touching moment, he was seen rubbing his son, Barron’s back.

The Trump family were headed back to their Palm Beach, Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, for the weekend after President Trump’s historic week of accomplishments. On Thursday, the Senate passed Trump’s historic USMCA bill that replaces the horrible NAFTA bill signed by Bill Clinton. On Wednesday, the first phase of Trump’s historic trade deal with China was signed, as Trump continues to put America and American workers first.

Barron even poked his head out to wave goodbye to the press before moving inside Marine One.

Twitter users responded under the video of the Trump family boarding Marine One by saying how “proud,” ‘blessed,” and “grateful” they are for President Trump and how nice it is to see their wonderful family smiling.


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