Last week, President Trump humiliated Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) for injecting himself in the argument about the conditions of the detention centers on our border with Mexico. President Trump quickly came to the defense of our U.S. Border agents, telling Rep. Cummings that he should be focused instead, on his “Rat and rodent-infested” district.

Many in the Democrat Party and their allies in the mainstream media took the opportunity to frame the argument as Trump being a “racist,” instead of asking why Rep. Cummings has done nothing to help the people in his district that he’s represented in Washington D.C. for over two decades.

Last night, some Trump fans decided to pull the ultimate troll move, and hang a massive Trump 2020 banner over the edge of the balcony where they were seated at the Baltimore Oriole’s Camden Yards stadium during the 8th inning of the game.

Jon Meoli, an Orioles beat reporter, sent out a tweet with a photo of fans at a Baltimore Orioles game holding a massive Trump 2020 banner over the edge of the balcony where they were seated. Meoli claimed the fans were chanting “Take it down,” saying the banner was not “well-received” in Camden Yards. In the article he wrote about the non-event, Meoli claims political banners are not allowed to be displayed at the stadium.

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“Mike,” who says he was also at the game, reports that Meoli’s version of the story, where he claims fans at the ballpark were chanting, “take it down,” are false.  Mike responded, “Lol I was there and no one chanted take it down.”

In a video that surfaced of the four Trump supporters being escorted out of the venue, one of the men can be seen stopping to tell an anti-Trump crybaby sitting behind him, “He’s still your President!” as another can be heard saying, “Winners, winners, winners!” It’s hard to tell, but there doesn’t appear to be anyone yelling, “Take it down.” The disgruntled group behind them appear to be the lone group of anti-Trump protesters.

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Liberals on Twitter wanted more than just an ejection from the game. One Twitter user wanted to find out if they were in company seats, so they could go after the company and demand Camden Yards revokes their “company owned seats.”

We (sarcastically) suggested that the anti-free speech, intolerant liberal move quickly to enact as much harm as possible to the Trump-supporting offenders.

Quick…follow-up! This serious issue needs to be dealt with. LOL! We can’t allow people to go around supporting the President. They must be harmed, or the company whose seats they were in must be harmed. Either way, someone needs to be harmed. Another #IntolerantLiberal ????

Meoli also reported that the four people holding the Trump 2020 banner were escorted from the venue, but that they could be seen shaking the hands of the police as they were leaving.

That’s what happens Jon when law enforcement officers deal with people who respect their authority. That’s also what happens when law enforcement officers deal with Trump supporters who appreciate how President Trump has brought respect back to the job of our first responders.


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