President Trump fired back at incoming U.S. Senator Mitt Romney in a tweet that asked Romney to be a team player.

Romney penned a blistering op-ed for The Washington Post trashing Trump’s character in a Jeff Flake move that has everyone thinking Romney will be a thorn in the side of the Trump agenda just like Flake was.

President Trump has been way too kind to Romney who begged for a position in the Trump cabinet and then begged again for an endorsement from Trump during Romney’s Senate run.

It’s almost as if Romney never got over the fact that Trump won and he didn’t. He could have sour grapes over not being picked to be Secretary of State for Trump.

Romney is being slammed for his op-ed by Trump supporters like incoming Senator Marsha Blackburn:

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You can guarantee that anything President Trump said about Romney is the brutal truth. Like when Trump said Romney “choked like a dog” in his run for president. True!

President Trump tweeted out a response to Romney’s op-ed:

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Others like Ari Fleischer also took to social media to blast Romney:


“This is what Romney is still angry about. He had to prostrate himself when he interviewed for the Sec of State position. He felt humiliated when he wasn’t chosen after being paraded around by the President. This pic is priceless. Notice the look of constipation in Romney’s face.”

Then he begged Trump to endorse him for the Senate seat. Trump endorsed him…

Now he’s trashing our president again in a Washington Post op-ed claiming Trump “has not risen to the mantle of the office”.

What? Romney couldn’t even wait until he’s sworn in on Thursday to pen a nasty op-ed questioning President Trump’s character. Shouldn’t Romney be looking in the mirror? He continuously asked for favors from Trump only to turn around and trash him in the media. Who does that?

The tweet below didn’t age well:

“Meet the new Jeff Flake, same as the old Jeff Flake”:

What Romney doesn’t get is that we elected Trump because he’s a fighter. That’s it! Romney couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. This rude op-ed shows you what an absolute putz Romney is to slam our president just days before being sworn in. This is the warning shot to Trump that Romney will be a thorn in his side aka the new Jeff Flake.


Even Geraldo Rivera jumped in to respond to Romney’s “rude” op-ed:

This is how we feel about Romney…He’s a Flake!

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