President Trump and First Lady Melania attended an Alabama VS. LSU college football game today. Unlike Trump’s appearance in the DC Swamp, when he stopped by to watch part of game 5 in the World Series and was booed by unhinged, liberals, Trump’s in friendly territory in Alabama, where he won handily in the 2016 election by about 30 points.

A black Alabama fan surprised CNN when he told CNN’s Sarah Westwood that President Trump has been treated unfairly by Democrats.  Another fan told CNN the impeachment proceedings were “ridiculous” and “unfair.”

Across the street from the Bama Stadium, a Trump 2020 banner can be seen hanging from the front of a fraternity house.

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This Bama student shared a video of a friend celebrating President Trump’s upcoming visit to her school last night. Why do students who support Trump always seem so much happier than agitated, far-left, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren fans?

Here’s a close-up President Trump and Melania Trump standing inside a suite at the Alabama-LSU game.

President Trump got a “rousing ovation in Alabama,” as reported by the Score.

Here’s a close up of President Trump and First Lady Melania being introduced.

Fans can be heard shouting, “Four more years!” from the stands in this video.

This close-up photo shows Melania and Donald Trump enjoying the game.

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