Mexico has been the beneficiary of our open borders for decades. It’s really quite amazing how loudly they cry foul when we finally have a presidential candidate willing to stand up to this insanity and say, “ENOUGH!…It’s Time to put Americans first!”

Illegal immigrants send home $50 billion annually but cost taxpayers more than $113 billion. Approximately 126,000 illegal immigrants emigrated from these three nations to the U.S. since last October and federal officials estimate at least 95,500 more will enter next year.

The Central American governments have encouraged the high levels of emigration because it is earning their economy billions of dollars! For every illegal alien that sneaks into the U.S. and remits money back home, that grand total remittance number only grows. But what if the millions of U.S. jobs now filled by illegal aliens were done by American workers earning better wages, paying more in taxes and spending their money in their communities rather than sending it abroad?

Americans are the ones forced to pick up the $113 billion tab for taking care of the country’s 12 million illegal immigrants. Is it the responsibility of taxpaying citizens to cover the cost of illegal immigration and the government’s aid to these countries while illegal workers continue to send their money overseas to send $50 billion overseas? Via:

Yet, somehow Donald Trump is to BLAME for wanting to shut down our open borders and bring some sanity back to our nation that is being overrun by Mexican drug runners and gang bangers coming from every corner of Mexico, Central and South America? 

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A new Mexican movie promoted by Univision host Jorge Ramos portrays a drunk vigilante motivated by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rant killing at least four illegal immigrants at the border.

The trailer for the movie, Desierto, now in Mexican theaters, blasts out Trump’s initial criticism of illegal immigrants as a man armed with a rifle guns down targets crossing under barbed wire.

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It later shows the same man, in a pickup holding a bottle of what appears to be whisky, a beer can nearby, as a voice says, “Welcome to the land of the free.” The trailer ends with, “words are as dangerous as bullets.”

The Center for Immigration Studies on Tuesday first blogged on the “exploitation” movie and the promotion by Ramos on his Sunday show Al Punto.

“This material resonates powerfully with Jorge Ramos. His conviction that racism and xenophobia are the driving forces of opposition to illegal immigration is a central theme of his nightly newscasts. Ramos fixates on reports that confirm his conviction with the obsessiveness of an exploitation film director showing close-ups of bullets tearing into human flesh,” wrote CIS Fellow Jerry Kammer.

He added: “On Sunday, Ramos talked with ‘Desierto’ director Jonas Cuaron and star Gael Garcia Bernal about Trump’s repugnant comments about Mexicans. Since then, Ramos said, ‘there are thousands if not millions of North Americans who feel that they have the absolute freedom to be racists.’

Via: Washington Examiner

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