While Democrats were busy trashing President Trump during John McCain and Aretha Franklin’s funerals, they sure sounded silent as some of the most hateful Islamist preachers gather at the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) conference in Houston, Texas. Invited to the conference are speakers who reportedly have long a long history of disliking Jewish people, women, gays, and minorities. They’re often known to incite hatred towards those groups, likely because it clashes with their own system of beliefs. What doesn’t make sense is that this is an absurd level of intolerance and hate, but the anti-intolerant and the anti-hate crowd on the left don’t seem too interested in fighting against this hatred, nor does it seem like they’ve been talking about it at all. With all the Trump hating there is to do, they must not have time to fight against real issues and hate. I suppose fighting real hate instead of make-believe hate is too realistic for the people on the left who sometimes are unable to determine their own agenda. Living in a land of fairytales is something they seem more capable of.

The convention is in its 55th year and takes place from August 31 to September 3. That means one more day of hate-filled speeches. Or not, as I have not ever attended, but I am only reporting on what others have stated.

Shaun King and Linda Sarsour were listed on their website. How funny is that? Two generic people who base their career on things like fighting oppression, but when you expose them for the truth it’s quite hilarious what they really do. Shaun King likes to race bait and Linda Sarsour is a fake as you won’t see her fight against oppression where women really need it.

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That’s not even the worst of it.


Such as this gem of knowledge about the conference. All information below comes from that link, so if anything is incorrect, then please correct us needed and we will update the article.

Although ISNA is one of the largest Muslim advocacy groups in the United States, the organization has a history of inviting extremist speakers to address its crowds. This year’s conference fits ISNA’s usual pattern. Titled “In God We Trust,” the convention once again features speakers with long histories of inciting hatred against Jews, women, homosexuals, and other minorities.

That seems like a fun event for no one. I can’t imagine the tolerance level there if a lesbian Jewish girl who married a minority walked in the door. Anywhere else it would be fine, but if a lesbian Jewish girl who married a minority walked into the conference, then one could only imagine how they would treat them.

One Muslim commentator noticeably missing, however, is Wajahat Ali, a prominent Muslim-American attorney and journalist. His invitation to the ISNA conference was revoked after he took part in the Shalom Hartman Institute’s Muslim Leadership Initiative, a program that “invites North American Muslims to explore how Jews understand Judaism, Israel and Jewish peoplehood.”

According to Ali, his involvement with this interfaith initiative, as well as an article he wrote about his conversations with Israelis, led to his expulsion.

It sounds like Wajahat Ali wanted to bring people together and work with the people his religion has formerly strayed from. For this, the man was banned from a conference. Imagine that. He’s trying to do the right thing by bringing people together and understanding each other, building the bridge instead of the wall, and his own religion casts him out and bans him from a conference. What does that tell you about the people and the conference?

While Ali appears beyond the pale for ISNA and its supporters, some of America’s most extreme Islamist clerics and activists have been judged to be fine additions. Islamist Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum, has put together a small dossier of the worst of these speakers.

Let’s briefly describe those three people who were invited and compare them to the man who was working to bring people together.

Indonesian Imam Shamsi Ali – he once wrote that “Jews are working to destroy Islam and the Ummah [the worldwide Muslim community],” and has attacked Western culture for accepting homosexuality. That’s because no one really cares if you’re gay or not. It’s old news. Some people are gay and no one really cares. On the other hand, Muslims are known to throw homosexuals off the top of buildings in other countries. I’d like to think the Western culture is a bit more civilized when it comes to people who chose a different path of life.

Hussain Kamani is an American-born instructor at the Qalam Institute. He openly endorses sex slavery. He once stated that “Muslim men may fulfill any sexual desires ‘with a female slave that belongs to him’ and ‘those who commit adultery or have sex outside of marriage’ must be ‘stoned to death.” He also looks at Western culture as “filth. … We are surrounded by filth … our environment is full of this filth, everywhere we turn.” One might say that his views on society are what the actual filth is all about. No woman should ever be a slave of another human being. We are well beyond the slavery era. We are now slaves to smartphones, but no man has a right to own a woman as a slave for any purposes. For him to say this means he does not value the lives of women and that’s something liberals should be complaining about, but you don’t see them fighting people at the conference – you see them marching against President Trump and wearing silly pink hats.

ISNA official Muzammil Siddiqui supports laws in other countries that allow homosexuals to be punished with death. That’s a bit disturbing to say the least. We struggle in America to punish serial killers by death, but they want to murder people for liking someone a little bit differently than others. I’d like to think, again, that America is much more advanced, tolerant, and civilized than whatever Kool-Aid these folks are drinking.

ISNA’s current Vice-President, Pervez Nasim, was also listed as someone quite controversial. He…

recently approvingly posted a video on his social media of an interview with Ken O’Keefe, a prominent antisemitic conspiracy theorist and Holocaust denier.

In the video, O’Keefe discusses the “so called Holocaust” and angrily asks why “we can’t even talk about Jewish control of the mainstream media.” He accuses Mossad agents of having foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks, and insists that the US government is “owned by the Jewish state.” Nasim himself has also stated that “victims and survivors of Holocaust are fast losing sympathy,” and that, unlike in Gaza, “at least in Nazi concentration camps there was plenty of water and electricity!

Sheesh. If that isn’t a horrible thing to say, then what is? Where are all the liberals who fight and protest against Trump? Maybe they should focus their attention on a group of people gathered in Houston who think women should be sex slaves, gays should be murdered, and Jewish people are worthless.

If I was a Trump hater and spent my time making lame signs, marching around in protests, and calling people intolerant but did not dare step foot near the conference with hateful preachers, then I’d be ashamed of myself.

Every liberal who does not denounce this behavior and does not give them the same level of fight that they give Trump is a fraud.

Any liberal in Houston who have marched and protested Trump, but won’t do the same thing at the ISNA conference is a fraud.

That’s all the liberals are anymore – they’re frauds. They fight for all of this tolerance while being intolerant, then when someone who is actually an intolerant shows up, they’re silent.

I don’t want to see another protesting Trump hater run their mouth until they’re at the ISNA conference doing the same thing to men who think women are sex slaves, gays should be murdered, and Jews are worthless.

If you’re not fighting against that, but you’re fighting against Trump, then you’re nothing but a fraud.

Go put on your fuzzy pink hat with the cat ears, because that’s all you are anyway.

And you all thought Trump looked bad. Ha! Now you see how good he looks and he’s doing a great job in the White House too.

If I’m wrong, then correct me. If I’m right, then share this.


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