Is there anyone more intolerant and dishonest than a liberal elitist?

Michael Beller, Lead Counsel for PBS

Totalitarian Puppet, Michael Beller, is the Principal Counsel for the Public Broadcasting System (PBS).  PBS is funded mostly by US Tax dollars, leftists, corporatists, and globalists and is probably most famous for airing Sesame Street. Today, Project Veritas has broken a story about the lead counsel of PBS.

In the hidden camera video excerpts, Michael Beller excitedly calls for violence.  If Biden loses, he advises everyone to:

“Go to the Whitehouse and throw Molotov Cocktails!”

The certainty of his speech seems to indicate that he knows that such actions are already being planned by people like him.  Since his language suggests, at least at times, that he is speaking prior to the election, we can assume that such plans would have been brewing for quite some time prior to the election.

“Even if Biden wins we go for all the Republican voters and Homeland Security will take their children away…And we’ll put them into re-education camps.”

Unsurprisingly, a totalitarian puppet Michael Beller also dismisses Trump as basically Hitler:

“In these times, which are unique.  I mean Trump is close to Hitler,” he says.

President Trump has reduced our foreign military interventions considerably and never instituted Marshal Law or any draconian governmental dictates despite 7 months of straight rioting across the country by people who agree to Beller.  Yet, still, people like Beller equate Trump to Hitler.  But, this is how the totalitarian puppets justify fascism: by painting peaceful men, like President Trump, as dictators.

And, don’t worry:  Beller hates you, too.  To him, you are all zombies raising horrible children and only he and the government can do it properly.

Kids who are growing up knowing nothing but Trump for four years–you’ve got to wonder what they’re going to be like.  They’ll be raising a generation of intolerant horrible people–horrible kids. 

Like most leftists, corporatists, and globalists, Beller believes the re-education camps we know from history were only bad because they were missing Sesame Street Characters (PBS has aired the SW show Sesame Street for many decades).  They’ll get it right, this time, by calling them ‘Enlightenment Camps’:

Enlightenment camps;  They’re nice. They have Sesame Street Characters in the classrooms and they and they watch PBS all day.

And, thank God for the government to properly raise your children because:

“Americans are so fucking dumb.  You know, most people are dumb…It’s good to live in a place (D.C.) where people are, you know, educated and know stuff….Could you imagine if you lived in one of these other towns of states where everybody’s just…stupid?”

Thankfully, totalitarian puppets like Beller are all smarter than you and will raise all the children of America better than individual parents.  This is why they wish death upon all of you by not only Molotov cocktails but Covid19 as well:


“What’s great is that Covid is spiking in all the red states, right now.  So that’s great!  Because, either those people won’t come out to vote for Trump in those red states…Or, a lot of them are sick and dying! he said excitedly with a chuckle.”

Are you, like, questioning the acceptability of this puppet’s, like, methods and stuff?  Well, don’t worry:

“PBS has, like, real news.” Says Beller

We agree.  PBS appears to be like real news, but it is not real news.  That is why PBS and other legacy media are so dangerous.  They are dishonest about their objectivity and goals.  PBS’s website says it serves the American public.  And, it does serve the American public a large serving of informational stew from totalitarians like Michael Bellers who reheat these old poisonous ideological leftovers every day, year after year.  Yet, platitudes like this are why people trust PBS and corporations like it: because it has a false veneer.  Really, it is staffed by totalitarian puppets like Michael Beller seeking to turn you and your children into puppets as well.

Beller Does get one thing right, though:

“CNN doesn’t do real news anymore.  It’s just talking heads talking about Trump all day long.”

Near the end of the video, Beller also says that PBS knows about the mountains of evidence against Joe Biden. He then explains their policy toward the matter:

“So, then, you guys just ignore it?” says the undercover journalist.

“Yeah,” says the PBS senior-level counsel.

This is just a taste of who runs the taxpayer-funded ‘unbiased’ PBS at its highest levels.  This suggests that everyone above him likely condones or shares his belief systems, since they hired him and allowed him to represent them at such a senior level.  It also suggests that those below him probably also believe similar things or they wouldn’t get hired by people like him.

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