The Trump administration has announced it will block Chinese airlines from flying to the U.S. as a response to China blocking our airlines from flying there. The Associated Press showed their bias with the tile to their breaking news, making it seem as though President Trump made this move out of the blue. This was in response to a move China made.


This is the latest in the escalation of tensions between the US and China.

Tensions between the two countries on trade and travel has now lead to the decision to suspend passenger flights of four Chinese airlines (Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines) to and from the US beginning on June 16.

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The decision was a response to China’s failure to let United Airlines and Delta Air Lines resume flights this week to China after they were suspended earlier this year because of the coronavirus.

The Transportation Department released a statement saying that China was violating an agreement:

“The Department will continue to engage our Chinese counterparts, so both U.S. and Chinese carriers can fully exercise their bilateral rights. In the meantime, we will allow Chinese carriers to operate the same number of scheduled passenger flights as the Chinese government allows ours.”

President Trump could halt travel earlier than the announced date of June 16th.

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