Last night, following his incredible CPAC speech, President Trump appeared on Fox News’ Revolution show with host Steve Hilton.

During his interview, Trump slammed the fake news reports that he was thinking of creating a political third-party, telling Hilton that it would be foolish to do so and would only help the Democrat Party.

Near the end of the interview, Hilton gave President Trump the opportunity to address the Capitol siege on January 6th. “It’s been reported that when that was unfolding, you were watching, and actually you liked what you were seeing because you felt that it was your people, fighting for you,” Hilton said to Trump, asking, “Do you get how bad it was? And was there anything looking back that you would’ve done that day?” President Trump responded, telling Hilton that the crowd that day was “massive” and that he was concerned about the security that day. “I said that I think you should have 10,000—and I think I gave the number—I definitely gave the number of 10,000 National Guard ready.  They took that number, from what I understand, they and gave it to the people at the Capitol, which is controlled by Pelosi—and I heard they rejected it because they didn’t think it looked good.”


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Why wouldn’t Nancy Pelosi want the Capitol building protected—especially in light of intelligence reports that a Capitol siege was being planned? Is it possible she didn’t want the evidence of voter fraud presented to the entire world by members of Congress and a Capitol siege was the only way to distract and keep the American people from seeing the powerful evidence presented by Republican lawmakers who were prepared to send the electoral votes back to contested states?

On January 14, John Soloman of Just The News explained how Trump did absolutely nothing to incite violence at the Capitol on January 6th, and how intelligence agencies had several reports of planned attacks on the Capitol but did nothing to provide extra security. Soloman placed the blame on Speaker Pelosi, explaining how she and fellow Democrats used the attack on the Capitol as an excuse to perform a “drive-by” impeachment of Trump.

If the National Guard troops weren’t a good look on January 6th, why would Pelosi friends want them in DC surrounding the Capitol for months following Biden’s inauguration?

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