President Trump annihilates RINOs, “losers” and backstabbers in a Save America Statement

In a statement put out today by President Trump, he identifies and absolutely crushes 5 RINOs and backstabbers whom he describes as “shortsighted ‘losers'” who spend their time criticizing him and the America First movement, while providing nothing positive to the Republican Party or to this nation.

President Trump’s statement reads:

I listen to all of these foolish (stupid!) people, often living in a bygone era, like the weak and frail RINO, Peggy Noonan, who did much less for Ronald Reagan than she claims, and who actually said bad things about him and his ability to speak, or Rich Lowry, who has destroyed the once wonderful and influential National Review, the pride and joy of the legendary William F. Buckley, or George Will, whose mind is decaying with hatred and envy before our very eyes, or Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes, two people who are finally out of the conversation and of no relevance whatsoever. Where do these people come from? They have no idea what the MAGA movement is, and even less of an understanding of America First, which is necessary, and even vital, to save our Country. People like these are nasty, jealous, not smart, and of no use to the potential greatness of our Country. They talk, they criticize, and they complain, but they don’t have the ability or talent to get anything done. They are shortsighted “losers”, and will never understand what it takes to Make America Great Again!

The “losers” identified are:

Peggy Noonan, a Wallstreet Journal columnist and former speechwriter to President Reagan who has been highly critical of President Trump, even calling for his censure during the bogus Russiagate investigation.

Rich Lowry, current editor-in-chief of the formerly conservative and illustrious National Review.

George Will, a columnist for the Washington Post who hates America First politics enough to have switched his voter registration from Republican to Independent after President Trump’s election.


And Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes, two highly critical RINO journalists who are no longer in action.

Each of these journalists identified by Trump claim or claimed to be conservative, yet did nothing but criticize the direction that America and the Republican Party took from 2016 onward. And for the most petty of reasons.

Objectively, the country was at its greatest in decades under President Trump with no new wars, a booming economy, and America First foreign policy. So what exactly did they have to criticize? As President Trump states at the end, they “will never understand what it takes to Make America Great Again.”

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