President Trump ends his rallies by dancing to the YMCA song while his massive crowd of supporters dances along from below the stage. Tonight, at the end of his rally in Arizona, President Trump invited the trio of young men up onto the stage to dance with him. The young men are YouTube sensations who typically have millions of views on their videos that show them pranking people. The trio, who are originally from Canada, clearly love President Trump.

Here’s the video they posted of themselves dancing with President Trump on the stage:

“Just sauced up the YMCA” with President Trump they tweeted:

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As he was leaving, President Trump surprised his supporters when he started to dance to the YMCA song playing at the rally.

Abigail Marone of the Trump Rapid Response Team shared the video, saying, “Trump dancing to YMCA following his speeches is seriously my favorite thing.” She added, “No one has more fun Making America Great Again than Donald Trump!”

Americans want a President who is positive and loves what he does. Voters aren’t interested in supporting the negativity and anti-American rhetoric being spewed by Joe Biden and his VP candidate Kamala Harris.

Before he became the left’s target, Trump was adored in Hollywood and in his former home of NYC. In 2015, he appeared on SNL where he participated in a skit with Drake and SNL cast members, dancing to a Drake song, “Hotline.”

It takes a special person to be able to take all of the arrows of the media bullies and their allies in the Democrat Party and keep smiling through it all.

Donald J. Trump is a special person. He’s on a mission to save America and he’s not giving up until he does.  America is blessed to have an upbeat, powerful leader who loves our country so much that he gave up his very comfortable life to protect and defend our nation from those who would like to tear it down.

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