Germany let in over 1.1 million so-called “refugees” last year. They’ve allowed refugees with no papers to come so this is a great time for terrorists from ISIS to sneak in. The German government has downplayed the risks but anyone with half a brain knows this is the perfect opportunity for terrorists. Chancellor Merkel has put her people in a bad place economically and with national security. Donald Trump is correct in his assessment of ISIS  infiltrating the refugees and has called for a moratorium on Muslim refugees. He is correct in his suggestion because the FBI Director and other security directors have testified that the refugees cannot be properly screened. 

German police are investigating 40 cases in which Islamic militants are suspected of having entered the country disguised as refugees.

The number of cases being investigated has more than doubled since January, federal police said on Wednesday.
Authorities are also concerned about the large number of refugees and migrants who have been able to seek asylum in Germany without proof of ID.

In the past, the German government has played down the risks of ISIS fighters entering Europe with the tide of migrants, in part to avoid exacerbating public concerns about the influx, which hit a record 1.1 million last year.

But Germany’s domestic intelligence agency has warned that ISIS appears to have sent fighters ‘the migrant route’ via Greece, in order to fan fears about refugees and ‘send a political signal’ – despite there being more efficient ways to smuggle in militants.

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‘I am not telling you a secret when I say that I am concerned about the high number of migrants whose identities we don’t know because they had no papers when they entered the country,’ the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency Hans-Georg Maassen told a conference last week.

The number of migrants entering Germany reached peaks of more than 10,000 a day last autumn, but has fallen dramatically recent months due to the closing of the Greek border with Macedonia and a deal between the European Union and Turkey that has discouraged refugees from crossing the Aegean Sea.
The reduction in the numbers has eased pressure on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who came under fierce criticism last year for welcoming hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing sarin the Middle East with the optimistic slogan ‘We can do this’.
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