He does have a plan! The press went nuts when President Trump said he’s already prepared for the summit with North Korea. In an interview with NBC’s Tim Russert in 1999, Donald Trump talked about what his strategy would be with North Korea:

Trump told Russert that if he was President, a Trump administration would ‘negotiate like crazy’ to ‘get the best deal possible.’ If a deal was not possible, Trump said he would order a pre-emptive strike. He went on to successfully predict that that “they’re [North Korea] are going to have those weapons pointed all over the world and specifically at the United States.” He goes further by saying that it only does the U.S. minimal good to discuss the economy and Social Security without addressing the biggest problem: nuclear proliferation. He also calls out previous politicians – including Jimmy Carter – for not facing this situation head on and negotiating properly.

Following President Trump’s warning North Korea over further provocations, the Hermit Kingdom has announced it is considering striking Guam. The North Korean military warned it may carry out a “preemptive operation once the US shows signs of provocation”, and that it is “seriously considering a strategy to strike Guam with mid-to-long range missiles.” As Trump moves forward, this interview serves as evidence that his strategy will hold up against North Korea.

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