The coordinated lie has been pushed all morning by the Democrat Party and their allies in the media, following an exchange that took place at last night’s debate, where Trump attempted to explain that he condemns all violent groups, as he was being tag-teamed by Fox News host and registered Democrat Chris Wallace, and the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

Here is the actual transcript from the debate last night:

Last night wasn’t the first time Fox News host Chris Wallace attempted to falsely accuse Trump of supporting white supremacy groups, during a debate. He tried it in 2016, when Trump was running against Hillary Clinton and again, last night.

Watch to see what really happened here:

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The truth, however, is irrelevant to the Democrat Party media. This afternoon, President Trump’s National Press Secretary J. Hogan Gidley appeared on CNN, where host John Berman attempted to push the media’s bogus, coordinated narrative that President Trump refuses to denounce white supremacy. Gidley was ready for the fake news, and hit back hard, with a dose of real news that stopped the CNN hack in his tracks.

“I don’t know how many ways you want him to say it and how many times you want him to say it.”

“Do you have any idea, John, what an ‘Exalted Cyclops of the KKK’ is? Because Joe Biden sure does. He spoke at a funeral for one and praised him profusely.”

“Any idea who George Wallace is? Joe Biden sure does. He thanked the person who gave him the award for George Wallace’s name.”

“Any idea what a racial jungle is? It’s what Joe Biden doesn’t want his kids to grow up in.”

Berman interrupted him repeatedly, almost begging him to stop telling their viewers the truth about Joe’s actual support for racists, and some of the racist statement Joe Biden himself has made in the past. “Hogan, Hogan, Hogan?” Berman repeated.

“Joe Biden’s record on race is absolutely disgusting,” Gidley said, reminding the Jewish host of Trump’s long record of defending minorities, including Jews, when others wouldn’t, “Donald Trump was opening up his properties to African Americans and Jewish people while you were still in local television news, John!”

Berman, desperate to make him stop sharing facts with his audience, continued to interrupt, “Hogan, Hogan, Hogan—Joe Biden can defend his own record on race.”

He landed his final blow the CNN hack, “This President has a record of respect and understanding for these groups like nobody else. I’m sorry, I’m not gonna sit here and let you call the President of the United States a ‘racist.'”


Investigative journalist Michael Tracey blasted the media for helping the Biden campaign to create a false narrative that white supremacy is the issue, when in fact, BLM and Antifa are the cause of the widespread riots that are destroying major cities across America.

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