The GOP leadership may want to rethink their position on amnesty for illegals. American citizens (yes, including Hispanic Americans) are more interested in a President who abides by the rule of law than one who is beholden to corporations for donations…


Build a wall and enforce our border laws…it’s really pretty simple.

Rick Perry blasted Donald Trump for his comments on immigration. It’s been widely suggested that those comments would turn off Latino voters and Trump was ridiculed for saying that he could win Latino voters.

But the latest, very favorable YouGov poll for Trump, shows Trump doing better with Hispanic respondents than Rick Perry. Trump scores a 19% “very favorable” and a 9% very favorable. He also has a 51% very unfavorable. Rick Perry has a 7% very favorable and a 16% favorable. Of course around a third of Hispanics just don’t know who Rick Perry is so it’s possible that he could improve his numbers.poll numbers 1

poll numbers 2

There are similar numbers for most Republican candidates.

Jeb Bush has a 12% very favorable and a 20% favorable. Those are good numbers, but Jeb Bush lags Trump among the very favorables and isn’t that far head in the total favorables. Considering that Jeb Bush’s people are positioning him as a guy who can talk to Latino voters and has been front and center attacking Trump, those are not impressive numbers.

Ben Carson has some of the best numbers among Latinos with a 17% very favorable and a 13% somewhat favorable. His numbers among black voters are actually poor, but he’s popular with Latinos.

Ted Cruz is at 17% very favorable and 24% favorable. His unfavorables are at a combined 29% with 30% who don’t know who he is. These are pretty good numbers.

Some of the best numbers come from Mike Huckabee with 19% very favorable and 17% very favorable, but these numbers are skewed because 45% don’t know who he is. But his negatives are low. The same goes for Bobby Jindal with 13% and 16% favorables among Hispanics and likewise many don’t know who he is.

Marco Rubio has a 20% very favorable and 16% somewhat favorable with an unfavorable combined of over 40% with only 21% not knowing who he is.

That’s the important point about Trump’s unfavorability numbers. While they look terrible, it’s quite likely that most or all of the Republican candidates will end up with high unfavorables after they become better known and have had enough media attacks leveled against them.

When only 11% don’t know who Marco Rubio is, his unfavorable numbers will probably still be better than those of Trump, but assuming he won and was nominated, I’m not sure how much better they would be by the end of the election.

These numbers don’t mean that Trump will win the Latino vote. Obviously not. But they do mean that

1. The Latino vote is not monolithic. There is concern there about illegal immigration and the resulting gang violence. And economic issues trump immigration. Perry arguably has a better record on that than Trump, but few non-Texans might know that. After all the attacks on Trump, he has some of the highest positive numbers among Republicans. He’s beating or neck and neck with immigration panderers.


2. Being critical on illegal immigration is not necessarily a political death sentence despite the corporate and media hysteria stirred up to make it look that way.

One more piece of bad news, despite Marco Rubio’s hard sell as the youth candidate, he’s doing no better or worse among younger respondents than Trump. Ted Cruz is doing somewhat better than Rubio.

Via: Front Page Magazine

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