Massive crowds cheer President Trump at his Illinois Save America Rally as he celebrates Friday’s SCOTUS decision

President Trump addressed a massive crowd of cheering fans and supporters at Saturday’s Illinois Save America Rally, in which he celebrated the Friday Supreme Court ruling striking down Roe v. Wade.

“Before we begin, we’ve got some very big news, don’t we? We have very big news–maybe the biggest, right from the United States Supreme Court. Yesterday the Court handed down a victory for the Constitution, a victory for the rule of law, and above all a victory for Life,” President Trump began his appearance.

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“We are the party of life, and we are the party of everyone,” he continued.

The crowds, overwhelmed with joy, responded to President Trump’s celebration with a deafening chant of “Thank you, Trump! Thank you, Trump!” which drowned out the entire arena. The crowd’s exuberance, seen both in their faces and cheers, is proof of President Trump’s magnetism.

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President Trump appointed three conservative Justices to the Supreme Court, all of whom were instrumental in overturning Roe.

The rally also included an endorsement of Darren Bailey for Illinois Governor and a discussion on COVID, election integrity, and Second Amendment rights.

Towards the end of his speech, President Trump also rattled off Biden’s many foreign policy and economic failures, including the failed withdrawal in Afghanistan, the war in Ukraine, China’s military buildup, and Iran’s construction of nuclear weapons, as well as economic failures such as record-high energy prices.

You can watch President Trump’s whole rally here:

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