We hear so often from the radical left-wing media about how awful of a human being President Trump is and all about his “alleged” sexual indiscretions while being married to his wife Melania.

What you don’t really ever hear about is how fondly the president speaks of his wife and how much he clearly adores her.

After all, those sort of things don’t really intrigue their deplorable progressive audiences so those stories get tossed in the garbage.

Well, we’re going to remedy that problem right now. Here’s what Trump had to say about the First Lady’s state dinner preparations for his meeting with President Macron of France:


Of course, as you might expect, liberals came crawling out of the dark like a pack of cockroaches to get their jollies by insulting Melania and her marriage to the president.


Ahh. Can’t you just smell the tolerance hanging in the air? Such a lovely group of individuals.

Here’s more details about the meeting with President Marcon via Fox News:

President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron toasted the Franco-American alliance at the White House Tuesday evening to mark the first state dinner of the Trump administration.

In his pre-dinner toast, Trump expressed his hope that “our friendship grow even deeper … our kinship grow even stronger and … our sacred liberty never die.”

Macron, in a much more expansive toast, referred to recent airstrikes on Syria by the U.S. and France as part of the two countries’ “joint history” of leading fights “for freedom and to defend our values.”

“We have always been there for the appointments of this joint history,” Macron said. “And this is the reason why today we have no alternative but to be there also for an appointment with history.”

Trump devoted the first part of his toast to thanking his wife Melania, whom he described as “America’s absolutely incredible first lady,” for pulling the dinner together. Macron opened with an arch joke about James Monroe renovating the White House with French furnishings after British troops burned Washington D.C. in 1814, calling the fifth president “a man of taste.”

Nearly two hours earlier, the Trumps greeted Macron and his wife Brigitte with European-style air kisses at the North Portico of the White House.

After posing for photographs, the couples headed inside to join 123 guests, including Vice President Mike Pence; Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts; former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger; Apple CEO Tim Cook and U.S. Winter Olympic gold medalists John Shuster (curling) and Meghan Duggan (women’s ice hockey), who flashed their medals to the assembled media as they arrived.

Trump’s honoring of Melania in this tweet and at the dinner is exactly how a husband should treat his wife. It’s unfortunate this sort of behavior doesn’t get more attention from the media.

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