During President Trump’s coronavirus Task Force press conference yesterday, he announced that he is putting together a team of the most powerful people in U.S. sports to help get the country up and running again. He said we need to “get sports back.” The list of names is full of major players in several different sports including pro-wrestling.

The group listed below will advise President Trump on how to get pro sports up and running again now that parts of the country will be opening back up.

Who doesn’t miss sports? President Trump is like so many other sports fans who are getting tired of watching old games:

“We have to get sports back. I’m tired of watching baseball games that are 14 years old.”

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A few of the names of sports leaders who will help President Trump include:

-NBA Commish Adam Silver

-NFL Commish Roger Goodell

-NHL Commish Gary Bettman

-MLB Commish Rob Manfred

-Patriots owner Robert Kraft

-Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban

-UFC president Dana White

-WWE owner Vince McMahon

-Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

President Trump is also working with leaders from the PGA, LPGA, NASCAR, and MLS.


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