The Kavanaugh hearings turned Independent and Democrat voters into Republican voters.

The two-and-a-half year phony Trump-Russian collusion investigation that cost the American taxpayers over 35 million dollars, and netted absolutely no evidence of collusion, is not going to sit well with those watching from the sidelines in disbelief and disgust.

The Democrats have never had an opponent who fights back like Donald J. Trump, and the most recent polls, are showing that Americans approve of the man who wakes up every day, ready to take on the swamp, no matter how difficult the fight.

The Washington Examiner is reporting that President Trump has reached his highest Gallup approval rating and is poised to go higher now that the final report from special counsel Robert Mueller clearing his team of 2016 election collusion with Russians is public.

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At Day 809 of his presidency, Gallup had Trump’s approval at 45% among adults what he had on day one. He has hit that number only once in between.

The “Presidential Job Approval Center” chart also showed a steady upward line to the 45% approval rating.

And two polls of “likely voters,” a group many see as more accurate of support, had Trump over 50%, a bar that has in the past indicated reelection for presidents.

The McLaughlin & Associates poll had Trump at 50%. Rasmussen had Trump at 50% today. “Trump does better among people who are actual voters,” said pollster John McLaughlin.

The Real Clear Politics average of presidential polls also has Trump at the highest he has hit, 44%.

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Pollster Jonathan Zogby, the CEO of the Zogby Poll, told Secrets, “Trump’s approval is riding high.”

He said the reaction to the Mueller report should help to spike Trump’s rating.

“I believe the initial interpretation of the top-line Mueller report by Barr vindicated Trump with Republicans and probably half the population,” he said, adding, “Trump could see another spike in approval and maybe even win over some Democrats and Independents who want this circus to end. Democrats do run the risk of overplaying their hand and focusing on something that has already been dispelled, and many people might start asking, like the old Wendy’s commercial, ‘Where’s the beef?’ The more Democrats focus on something that isn’t there and less on their policies, the more this helps Trump with voters and 2020.”


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