Mexican-Americans Betty and Jorge Rivas are speaking out about being attacked by the left of their public support for President Trump. The couple appeared on Fox and Friends today to explain how the left tried to destroy their business after a photo with Betty’s face at Trump’s rally was circled and shared around social media.

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The Tuscon, AZ restaurant owners, received numerous threats from the left, but the courageous duo refuses to back down in their support for President Trump.

President Trump, for his part, tweeted a message of support for the couple and their restaurant, telling his 73.2 million fans, “The food is GREAT at Sammy’s Mexican Grill in Phoenix, Arizona. Congratulations to Betty & Jorge Rivas on doing such a wonderful job. I will try hard to stop by the next time I am in Phoenix. Support Sammy’s!

***Correction to Trump’s tweet*** the Rivas’ restaurant is in Catalina (not Phoenix), which is located to the north of Phoenix, AZ.

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Here are a couple of examples of comments under the article:

What happened to “love trumps hate”……all talk. We know who the intolerant ones are.

Democrats are such hypocrites! These folks are not the right type of Hispanics for The Left. The same despicable Left that call black conservatives Uncle Tom & other derogatory terms! They’re using all minorities as pawns! #Shameful

Intolerant Left, Democrats have become so hateful, petty, it’s so disheartening!

I am so happy Donald Trump supported these hard working ppl on his Twitter ! Business will boom

This response is our favorite: I just gave them a call and paid $50.00 for food to feed police officers.

This isn’t the first time the Rivas family found themselves in a situation where the left was attacking their business for supporting President Trump, almost exactly four years ago, they experienced the same treatment after then-candidate Trump called Betty Rivas to the podium by Donald Trump during a rally Saturday in Tucson.

According to The Republican presidential candidate brought Rivas on stage after her handmade “Latinos Support D. Trump” sign caught his eye.

“I love her,” Trump said repeatedly.

By Sunday night, the backlash had begun. Strangers called making nasty comments and threats. Others took to Yelp, submitting one-star reviews of the couple’s restaurant, Sammy’s Mexican Grill.

The crowd-sourced web site that offers reviews of local businesses stepped in late Tuesday to remove some of the comments. By then anonymous users had posted that Sammy’s was dirty, the food was lousy and had a pest problem.

“They are doing everything to shut us down,” Jorge Rivas said. “Saying you are a racist, you are a pig, you are going to burn, you are an idiot.”

The couple never expected attending the Trump rally would affect the business they built over the last two decades.

“Saturday was a great day because my wife was able to celebrate her freedom of speech,” he said.

When word got out that the business was being targeted, Trump supporters and locals began pouring in to support the couple.

Karen Clarke, a Catalina resident, said she has known the family for years.

“I’ve known the owner’s kids since they were this high,” she says, lowering her hand down to her knees.

She waited in long lines to have lunch at Sammy’s on Tuesday, saying it was important to support the Rivas family.

The business had to shut down the drive-thru before noon because it was too busy for the three-person staff. The wait climbed to more than 30 minutes around lunch time.

One person who couldn’t wait handed over cash to support the family.

Jorge Rivas said the support has been heart-warming.

“Today has been overwhelming,” Rivas said, smiling as he juggled several orders. “It is great.”

Let’s hope the cash register keeps filling up for the Rivas family, who should never be punished in the United States of America for exercising their right to free speech!

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