President Trump knocked it out of the park tonight at his rally in Rio Rancho, New Mexico—and the crowd loved every minute of it.

More than 20,000 people were expected to attend the rally tonight:

He spoke about jobs and the incredible economy.

The crowd went wild.

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He talked about bringing manufacturing back to America.

They cheered.

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He mentioned the construction of the wall on our southern border.

The crowd went wild.

He talked about how he’s replacing NAFTA with USMCA.

Again, the crowd cheered.

He mentioned Pocahontas and worried out loud that he didn’t save his best for later with the lying Democrat presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren. He told the crowd not to worry and promised that he had more material on the fake Indian he’d be using on her later.

The crowd erupted.

“My administration is fighting to empower all Americans to reach their dreams and achieve their potential. … Unemployment recently reached its lowest rate in over 50 years. … Wages in your state, #NewMexico, are growing at a rate of much more than 3% a year” Trump told the crowd

One of Trump’s best lines of the night came when he mocked the New Green Deal.

Outside of the venue in Rio Rancho, NM, where thousands of Trump fans waited to hear one of his iconic speeches, a massive crowd stood outside showing their support for, as they watched him on a Jumbotron screen.

Inside the venue, photos reveal an enormous crowd waiting to hear President Trump speak:

Here’s a first-time voter and her little brother. She says she’s voting for Trump. Her little brother, who’s celebrating his birthday by attending Trump’s rally, said if he was old enough, he’d vote for Trump too.

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