Meanwhile, the Koch brothers are denying they were attempting to meet with Trump. They’re probably too busy schmoozing with open-borders Paul Ryan and other more easily influenced politicians. Hillary will most surely be working overtime to capture those unspent millions that won’t be going to Trump…

Trump tweeted this tonight:

The Kochs are effectively indifferent between Trump and Clinton, though several Trump allies within the network have encouraged the billionaire donors to at least meet with the billionaire candidate. Donors who contribute at least $100,000 to the network are invited to hear from Charles Koch and Republican leaders both about the Kochs’ political work along with their philanthropic and policy-focused spending.

Some Koch donors, upset by the leadership’s unwillingness to back the Republican nominee, have called for the Freedom Partners retreat to feature a poll to decide whether to marshal their resources toward his White House bid. But Holden said unequivocally that a decisive survey of that kind would not happen.

May, 2014 – Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank notes that, “More than 100 times on the Senate floor in the past few months, the Senate’s top Democrat has invoked Charles and David Koch, the billionaire brothers who have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into conservative causes and campaigns.”

According to Reid, the Koch brothers “are about as un-American as anyone I can imagine” and are attempting to “buy America.” Well, if it is true and what these billionaires are truly engaged in a diabolical plot to undermine the country, then Reid must count himself as one of their prime accomplices.

Guess who is putting up lots of money to pressure House Republicans to pass a massive amnesty and immigration increase bill similar to the one Reid championed in the Senate? That would be none other than the Brothers Koch. – Immigration Reform

The Kochs have assembled a political operation some consider to be on par with the Republican National Committee, using a constellation of nonprofit organizations to drive elections and policy fights in recent years. They today have 1,200 paid staff members in 38 states.

Yet their refusal to back Trump — whose language on immigration and trade is found to be too incendiary by the libertarian-inspired Kochs — is a leading reason why Trump is expected to be massively outgunned by Clinton and her allies in the advertising wars.

The Koch network initially said they would spend $889 million in the lead-up to 2016, with about one-third of that figure dedicated to political activity. Yet Koch officials have scaled back their ambitions, with Holden saying Saturday that the sum was merely a “wish list number.”

They are now on pace to spend about $750 million, including about $250 million on politics.

About $20 million in television has already aired, network officials said, with another $20 million still planned for the fall. The network is currently active in five Senate races, and is currently weighing how to get involved in one more: Marco Rubio’s reelection fight in Florida. Via: wmtw TV

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